Berkshire Bank

Socially responsible banking for the 21st century


Reevx LabsTM is Berkshire Bank’s newest investment in local communities and the people who live and work in them. Created to support emerging entrepreneurs, artists, and small non-profit organizations by providing them with the resources and connections needed to power them today and far into the 21st century.
 The Labs operate with a commitment to banking the underbanked with dignity and a guiding belief that by disrupting the traditional barriers to resources, we can build new economies that change our communities and our world.
 In addition to offering unique products to people of various financial means, all Reevx Labs members can work with a MyBanker who will focus on their specific needs. Our MyBankers provide industry-leading personalized concierge banking services at no additional cost, from check deposits to mortgage rate research and more.

Services Provided

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Angel Investment
  • Budget, Financial Statement and Cash Flow Training
  • Crowdfunding
  • Trade Show Financial Assistance
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Loans
  • Debt Funding
  • Equity Funding
  • Government Funding
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Tax Credits
  • Technology Grants
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Bonding
  • Grant Funding
  • Revenue Based Financing (i.e. factoring)
  • Venture Capital

Human Resources, Workforce and Talent

  • Insurance


  • Formal Mentoring Programs
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Peer Mentoring
Primary Contact
Ronald Molina-Brantley
19 Harrison Ave
Springfield, MA 01103